For the ice hockey school in Litoměřice and Jönköping there is a really professional team of coaches who have long experiences and practice with education of young players. The coaches are specialized in individual age categories and groups of players and goalkeepers.
During the trainings there are also instructors, who care about the accomplishment of individual exercises and help the coaches to lead the trainings.
During the camp the special guests (the coaches from the Czech extra league and junior national team) come and participate in the hockey trainings.

Course K1

(Litoměřice): Petr Franěk –
coach and ex-player of HC Verva Litvínov, World Champion 1996,

career history: HC Chemopetrol Litvínov, K. Vary, Slavia Praha, Verva Litvínov, drafted in 1993 by Quebec Nordiques, next hockey clubs – Las Vegas, Brantford, Utah etc.

Course K2 (Jönköping): Jan Votruba

his trainer history: Rögle BK, Avesta, Eskilstuna, Norrköping, Frisk Oslo, Chinese national coach, Czech national coach “20“, Znojmo, Ml. Boleslav, K. Vary, Pardubice, Petrohrad, Chomutov, Sparta Praha, Lev Praha etc.

Milan Hejduk – player : Colorado Avalanche, 1st place: NAGANO 1998, Stanley Cup 00/01

Martin Štěpánek – World Champion 2000, coach and ex-player of HC Kladno, HC Litvínov, Lukko Rauma, IFK Helsinki, Karpat Oulu, Lokomotiv Jaroslavl, Malmö IF etc.


Daily programme :
•  practice on ice two times a day for 60 - 75 minutes
•  practice outside the winter stadium (gym, fitness etc.) two times a day for 75 min. •  theory, video, analyses
•  regeneration, swimming pool

During the training :

On ice
- group training with 5-6 players for one coach-instructor
•  individual playing activities, dribble the puck, pass the puck, shoot the puck
•  skating, figure-skating : preparation of skating, powerskating – efective techniques of skating
•  simple game combinations
•  special skills of defenders and forwards, training of goalkeepers – briefing and practise on ice

Outside the winter stadium
- a complex progress of dexterity, mobility and coordinatination of movements
•  aerobic and stretching with professional trainer
•  sport games, competitions, tournaments
•  methodology, theory, video analyses – discussion
•  regeneration, swimming
•  mental training – positive thinking, motivation, respect, self confidence

Additional programme
•  meetings with special guests of the ice hockey school – trainings, discussions,
•  short trips if possible
•  video projection at the youth hostel, table tennis, games
• T-shirt with logo of the ice hockey school, grift and certificate for every participant


All the participants will meet a lot of interesting guests, mainly the players of the Czech extra league and of the Czech national team. The players will be willing togive them autographs, advise them how to play, and talk to them about the experiences from the championships. There are some names of people who have visited the hockey school :

PAVEL HYNEK - Beroun, Sparta (2x mistr ligy 2000, 2002), Litvínov, Ústí n.L. Reprezentace „20“ ( mistr světa s J.Holíkem 2001)

JIŘÍ BUBLA - Litvínov, Jihlava, Sparta, Vancouver
( MS 72, 76, 77 - 1.místo, OH 76 - 2.místo, Kan.pohár 76 - 2.místo )

JAN VOTRUBA - 1996/02 švédská liga ( Avesta, Eskilstuna, Norrköping, Rögle BK) 2002/03 HC Energie K.Vary, 2003/04 hlavní trenér Čínské reprezentace, 2004 Frisk Asker Oslo, 2005/06 HC Znojemští Orli

JIŘÍ ŠLÉGR - Vancouver, Edmonton, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Detroit, Omsk, Litvínov
(OH 98 - 1.místo, MS 05 - 1.místo, Stanley Cup 02 - 1.místo)

FRANTIŠEK KUČERA - Sparta, Jihlava, Chicago, Hartford, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Columbus, Washington, Slavia (OH 98 – 1.místo, MS 99,00 – 1.místo)

JIŘÍ VEBER - Kladno, Äsat Pori, Tampere, Vsetín, Espoo, Plzeň, Litvínov, Beroun (MS 96 – 1.místo, 4x mistr ligy HC Vsetín)

PETR TENKRÁT - Kladno, Hameenlinna, Tampere, Anaheim, Nashville, Karpat Oulu,
Voskresensk, Boston. ( MS 05 - 2.místo)

RICHARD ŽEMLIČKA - TPS Turku, Freiburg, Berlín, Sparta, Litvínov, Poprad (3x mistr ligy Sparta Praha, OH 92 – 3.místo, MS – 3.místo)

ROBERT KYSELA - Litvínov, Kladno, Ústí n. Labem (MS 96 – 1.místo)

JAN MAREK - J.Hradec, Třinec, Sparta, Magnitogorsk, (mistr ligy - Sparta)

TOMÁŠ DUBA - Sparta, Beroun, Saipa, Znojmo, Plzeň, Leksands, TPS Turku, Sparta
( MS "20" 2000, 01 - 1.místo )

MICHAL SIVEK - Sparta, Prince Albert, Pittsburgh, Wilkes-Barre, Sparta
( MS "20" 2000, 01 - 1.místo )

MICHAL DRAGOUN - Sparta, Ústí n.L., Beroun, Sparta

VOJTĚCH KUBINČÁK - Ústí n.L., Liberec, Sparta, M.Boleslav, Litvínov

MICHAL TRÁVNÍČEK - Litvínov, St.John´s, Litvínov, Zlín

VALDEMAR JIRUŠ - Děčín, Kadaň, Sparta, Liberec, (mistr ligy – Sparta Praha)

KAMIL JARINA - Litvínov, Chomutov, Karlovy Vary

LUKÁŠ HAVEL - Jihlava, Brampton, Litvínov, Havířov, Slavia

LUKÁŠ ŘÍHA - Litvínov, Chomutov, Havířov, Jihlava

MICHAL MAŘÍK- Č.Budějovice, Zlín, Havířov, Třinec, Litvínov

MICHAL HREUS - Manheim, Mnichov, Lukko, Litvínov, Krefeld, Bratislava

DANIEL ZÁPOTOČNÝ - Sparta, Jihlava, Vítkovice, Trenčín, Ústí n.L.

TOMÁŠ FICENC - Jihlava, Vítkovice, Žilina, Ústí n.L.

JIŘÍ ZIKMUND - Pardubice, Děčín, M.Boleslav, Ústí n.L.


Every age group has got two heads (professional teacher) that care about the young players for the whole day. They help with plans for the trainings outside the winter stadium and look after the children in their free time. They also help the youngest players to put on the sport equipment and to lace up the skates.



There is a nurse on standby duty for 24 hours a day. Mudr. Štěpán Hós is a doctor of the ice hockey school in Děčín in a case of emergency.


There is a full board provided for children 3 times a day in a restaurant that is 150m from the winter stadium. During the day there are at children´s disposal snacks (yoghurts, cheese, milk rice, bread, pastry, fruit etc.) and there is also a drinking regime for 24 hour a day (tea, juice, iont drinks).